Egdon Heath Harriers

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Race Entry - D'urberville Dash 10k
09:30 25-Jul-2021

Runners entered so far: 51

Bib NoNameClubCategory 
Matt HaleUnaffiliated - Weymouthm 40+PayPal
Emma RiskPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
Jim KenderdineRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 40+PayPal
Kate HaywardUnaffiliated - Weymouthf 40+PayPal
Donna SimmsMaverick Run Projectf 40+PayPal
Jessica ChambersRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 50+PayPal
Kim MoorhouseUnaffiliated - Bournemouthf 40+PayPal
Simon BlissUnaffiliated - WIMBORNEm 50+PayPal
Kerryn AylwardPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
Chris OwensUnaffiliated - Warehamm 50+PayPal
David MorganUnaffiliated - BOURNEMOUTHm 50+PayPal
Stephanie Kay GreenPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Virginie MorrisDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
Ben PrintLytchett Manor Stridersm 40+PayPal
Keith FraserPoole Runnersm 60+PayPal
Helen LettUnaffiliated - Dorsetf 40+PayPal
Robert Campbell-smithPoole Runnersm 50+PayPal
Ginny CavePoole Runnersf 50+PayPal
Chris CartwrightPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
David CartwrightPoole Runnersm 70+PayPal
Roy WilliamsPoole Runnersm 60+PayPal
Nicola HudsonChristchurch Runnersf 50+PayPal
Ian BandyUnaffiliated - Swanagem 60+PayPal
Sadie WilliamsRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 40+PayPal
Lesley FoxUnaffiliated - Maiden Newton Dorchesterf 50+PayPal
Kevin BarlowUnaffiliated - POOLEm 50+PayPal
Liz GoldsackPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
Karen CroadDorchester RIOTf 60+PayPal
Neil RyanLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal
Catherine Abery-WilliamsEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Debbie S HewittEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Olivia HetreedEgdon Heath Harriersf 60+PayPal
Anton BurnsSquare And Compass Trail Runnersm 50+PayPal
Piotr BialoszewskiUnaffiliated - BIGGLESWADEm seniorPayPal
Annabel ThorneUnaffiliated - Bournemouthf 40+PayPal
Kate AddisonUnaffiliated - Lytchett Matraversf seniorPayPal
Linda BurnUnaffiliated - Ferndownf 60+PayPal
Ross GalpinUnaffiliated - Warehamm seniorPayPal
Kajetan LosUnaffiliated - Poolem seniorPayPal
Michelle RyallLonely Goat RCf 50+PayPal
Bernadette JonesTransition Runnersf 50+PayPal
Bill HicksRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 70+PayPal
Sarah SwiftPoole Runnersf 50+PayPal
Andy SortonPoole Runnersm 50+PayPal
Michael TizardRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 50+PayPal
Sandra BessantUnaffiliated - Charlton Marshallf 50+PayPal
Joanne Rosewarn-BarnesUnaffiliated - Poolef seniorPayPal
Colin GossUnaffiliated - Weymouthm 40+PayPal
Elizabeth LeesPoole Runnersf 60+PayPal
Ruth OliverUnaffiliated - Wimbornef 50+PayPal
Stephen RolphMaiden Newton Runnersm 50+PayPal

Race numbers are normally collected on the day of the event from Race HQ, and are generally not posted out in advance. If in doubt please refer to the event details page.

If your name is not shown here and you believe it should be, then please contact the webteam with your details.