Egdon Heath Harriers

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Race Entry - Puddletown Plod Road Race
10:00 09-Jun-2019

Runners entered so far: 29

Bib NoNameClubCategory 
Van BryantEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal (def from 2017) (def from 2018)
Catherine Abery-WilliamsEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal (def from 2018)
Scott CivilEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal (def from 2018)
Paul BeareEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal (def from 2018)
Sarah MatthewsEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal (def from 2018)
Bill BrittonUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+Postal (def from 2018)
Mark AndrewsEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal (def from 2018)
Sharon ShawPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal (def from 2018)
Rachel Smith-HarrisonLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
Jerry ShieldWimborne ACm 50+PayPal
Suzanne JanesLittledown Harriersf seniorPayPal
Claire RidleyGillingham Trottersf seniorPayPal
Esref OzdemirPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Isobel ReaWest 4 Harriersf 40+PayPal
Mike TerryLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Caroline SearleLittledown Harriersf seniorPayPal
Bruce CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Stella CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Alexandra DoorEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Debbie S HewittEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Caroline MorganEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Robbie MorganEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Andy MutterEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Ian MiddlebrookEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Martin LitchfieldEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Nick BerryDorset Doddlersm 40+PayPal
Christopher EllisRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 40+PayPal
Alexandra StevensLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
James OzmondLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal

Race numbers are collected on the day of the event from Race HQ, and will not be posted out in advance.
If your name is not shown here and you believe it should be, then please contact the webteam with your details.