Egdon Heath Harriers

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Race Entry - Puddletown Plod Road Race
10:00 09-Jun-2019

Runners entered so far: 300

Bib NoNameClubCategory 
Van BryantEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal (def from 2017) (def from 2018)
Catherine Abery-WilliamsEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal (def from 2018)
Scott CivilEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal (def from 2018)
Paul BeareEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal (def from 2018)
Mark AndrewsEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal (def from 2018)
Sharon ShawPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal (def from 2018)
Rachel Smith-HarrisonLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
Jerry ShieldWimborne ACm 50+PayPal
Suzanne JanesLittledown Harriersf seniorPayPal
Claire RidleyGillingham Trottersf seniorPayPal
Esref OzdemirPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Isobel ReaWest 4 Harriersf 40+PayPal
Mike TerryLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Caroline SearleLittledown Harriersf seniorPayPal
Bruce CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Stella CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Alexandra DoorEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Caroline MorganEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Robbie MorganEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Andy MutterEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Ian MiddlebrookEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Martin LitchfieldEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Nick BerryDorset Doddlersm 40+PayPal
Christopher EllisRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 40+PayPal
Alexandra StevensLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
Susie ElliottLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
Sarah LongdonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
David LongdonEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Guy BurdettLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal
Simon RuleEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Chris LaneLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Kathy FooksLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
Zoe PattisonPurbeck Runnersf seniorPayPal
Andrew ThomasUnaffiliated - Puddletownm 50+PayPal
Andrew StrattonEgdon Heath Harriersm 60+PayPal
Lisa BissetLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Samantha MercerDorchester RIOTf 50+PayPal
John CookEgdon Heath Harriersm 60+PayPal
Harry RolphEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Daniel MoorsPoole ACm 40+PayPal
Nicola RichDorchester RIOTf 50+PayPal
Fleur ParkerEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Andy DavidsonDorchester RIOTm 50+PayPal
Graham SherwinEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Emma ElliottUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
Steven VincentLytchett Manor Stridersm seniorPayPal
Hayley HayleyLytchett Manor Stridersf seniorPayPal
Richard WoottenRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
Jamie TrickeyDorchester RIOTm 40+PayPal
Jody HighamEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Ben MurrayUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Helen DellEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Pauline WorrallBournemouth Joggersf 60+PayPal
Sam JenkinsLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
Christina GuppyDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
Isabel DixonEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Matthew CogginsPurbeck Runnersm seniorPayPal
Norma SmartEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Mark OrmondeLytchett Manor Stridersm 40+PayPal
Tamsin HorslerDorchester RIOTf 50+PayPal
Steven HorslerDorchester RIOTm 50+PayPal
Simon PatelEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Tish AlberryPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
Nigel RedmanPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Keith PullenEgdon Heath Harriersm 60+PayPal
Paul VineyPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Martin HudsonLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Nigel HaywoodPurbeck Runnersm 60+PayPal
Stephen WilliamsLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
Tim Brodie JamesLonely Goat RCm 50+PayPal
Alison ThompsonEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Penny JarvisPoole Runnersf 60+PayPal
Emma RawsonLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
David CaltonPoole Runnersm 60+PayPal
Charlotte HalfordPurbeck Runnersf seniorPayPal
Paul RamsayRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 40+PayPal
Heather RamsayRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 40+PayPal
Charlotte SmithUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf seniorPayPal
Luke DowsettLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
Colin GriffithsLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Helen RichardsLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Thomas PaskinsBournemouth ACm seniorPayPal
Heather KhoshnevisLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
Greg BemmentLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Jim KemderdineRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 40+PayPal
Susan JonesLytchett Manor Stridersf 50+PayPal
Roger CooperLytchett Manor Stridersm 60+PayPal
Andrew IsaacLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
Jason RobbinsLytchett Manor Stridersf 50+PayPal
Chris HeckfordWimborne ACm seniorPayPal
Tracy AshleyLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
Scott DuttonLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal
Nicola TwissellLytchett Manor Stridersf 50+PayPal
Tracey HarveyLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Mathew Du CrosBournemouth ACm seniorPayPal
Peter WilesRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
Anna WilesRoyal Manor of Portland ACf seniorPayPal
Tony WilliamsPurbeck Runnersm 70+PayPal
Duncan LaneLytchett Manor Stridersm 40+PayPal
Steve ParsonsBournemouth ACm seniorPayPal
Lars JanssonPoole Runnersm 70+PayPal
Sophie ElfordEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Monica PoultonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Darren HolmesLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal
Tia DykeFetcheveryonef 40+PayPal
Charlotte BunchPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Zodwa ChasokelaPurbeck Runnersf 60+PayPal
Michael GravelleUnaffiliated - Tolpuddlem 40+PayPal
Joanne BarrettEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
David CartwrightPoole Runnersm 70+PayPal
Paul MunfordDorchester RIOTm 40+PayPal
Dave RandallLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Gary WorsleyLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal
Michael TizardRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 50+PayPal
Chris MarshallUnaffiliated - Weymouthm 40+PayPal
Christian RodigerLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
Philippa MayLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
Paolo De LucaLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal
Stephen WilesEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Laura WaddiloveRoyal Manor of Portland ACf seniorPayPal
Tom AndrewsLytchett Manor Stridersm seniorPayPal
Paul BullimoreEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Cedric HughesGillingham Trottersm 70+PayPal
Jacqueline JenkinsLittledown Harriersf 70+PayPal
Louise AustinLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
Julian ThackerEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Heather MasonEgdon Heath Harriersf 70+PayPal
Laura JonesEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Mark PackerLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal
Mohini EcclestonLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
Kirsty BarrowLytchett Manor Stridersf seniorPayPal
Kirsty HarveyHuman Energy Woolf seniorPayPal
Chris HallEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Megan JerredUnaffiliated - Bournemouthf seniorPayPal
Derek EcclestonLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal
Geoffrey ScottPoole Runnersm 70+PayPal
Lea LohkLytchett Manor Stridersf 50+PayPal
Amy WilesEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
David RustellLytchett Manor Stridersm 50+PayPal
Paul HiltonLytchett Manor Stridersm 40+PayPal
Amanda DennisonPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Laura CornwellPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
Laura JacksonUnaffiliated - Verwoodf seniorPayPal
Joanne BaldwinRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 40+Postal
Pete ClarkeWeymouth St Pauls Harriersm 70+Postal
Andrea MarshallLytchett Manor Stridersf 50+Postal
Amy BartlettHuman Energy Woolf seniorPostal
Caroline ThomasPoole ACf 40+PayPal
Rik VanhoutteghemUnaffiliated - Tolpuddlem 50+PayPal
Rebecca BradleyUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
Julie OrtonRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 40+PayPal
Brian FieldsEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Gary TissingtonPoole ACm seniorPayPal
Stephanie GadburyPoole ACf 40+PayPal
Bronwen DavisonDorchester RIOTf 40+PayPal
Judith ScarfeLytchett Manor Stridersf 50+PayPal
Dougie ScarfeLytchett Manor Stridersm 50+PayPal
Victor HutchinsHercules Wimbledon ACm 60+PayPal
Robert BrownPoole Runnersm 50+PayPal
Sandra LaneDorset Sole Sistersf 60+PayPal
Liam SutherlandRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
Thomas RigbyRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
Alan ClasbyPoole Runnersm 60+PayPal
Rachel JonesDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
Matt FaramusEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Martin MustoeDorchester RIOTm seniorPayPal
Mark WebbRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
Malcolm CurtisDorchester RIOTm 50+PayPal
Helen DraperPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Robert ScottDorchester RIOTm 40+PayPal
Abigail WarneEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
Mel CarrollPoole Runnersf 50+PayPal
Sarah SwiftPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
Sofia CarterDorchester RIOTf 40+PayPal
Colin SomersPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Jane HeatonDorchester RIOTf 40+PayPal
Emma ShorePoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
Martin ShorePoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
Mark AndrewsEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Frances JohnsonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Lesley MoorePoole ACf 40+PayPal
Matt WrightUnaffiliated - Puddletownm 50+PayPal
Richard ArcherDorchester RIOTm 40+PayPal
Paula BarkerPoole Runnersf 50+PayPal
David HowellDorchester RIOTm 40+PayPal
Danielle BushnellUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf seniorPayPal
Steven NobleEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Mark WhitcheloEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
Jason SwyreEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Julia SladeDorset Doddlersf 40+PayPal
Sarah HydeEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Abigail BakerPurbeck Runnersf seniorPayPal
Nicki ReamPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
Peter DimblebyBirchfield Harriersm 40+PayPal
Lisa DimblebyBirchfield Harriersf 40+PayPal
Graham HillUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Martin OrrLytchett Manor Stridersm 60+PayPal
Ian GrahamBournemouth ACm 70+Postal
Gareth BiddleUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm seniorPostal
Thomas TrevorGillingham Trottersm 40+PayPal
Robert MooreEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
Jack DwyerPoole Runnersm seniorPayPal
Tom HicksPoole Runnersm 50+PayPal
Oliver FeistUnaffiliated - Weymouthm seniorPayPal
Catherine MidgleyPoole ACf 50+PayPal
Michael CunninghamLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
Neil CradockUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Sara CradockUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf seniorPayPal
Mark SquibbUnaffiliated - Broadstonem 40+PayPal
Paul GrayUnaffiliated - Milborne St Andrewm 50+PayPal
Chloe MorleyDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
Carol SamwaysRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 60+PayPal
Paul TurleLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Anthony RimmerMaiden Newton Runnersm 40+PayPal
Liam PlattenUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Jenny Walker-LeachLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Andrew LeachLytchett Manor Stridersm 40+PayPal
Paula Lawton-ArcherPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
Beccy SpicerPurbeck Runnersf 40+PayPal
Lee DempsterLytchett Manor Stridersm seniorPayPal
Belinda BolarPurbeck Runnersf 40+PayPal
Mark EarnshawLytchett Manor Stridersm 50+PayPal
Carol BakerUnaffiliated - Poolef 60+PayPal
Paul WelchEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
John MorrisLytchett Manor Stridersm 50+PayPal
Trudy AllenPurbek Runnersf 40+PayPal
Andy DistinTeignbridge Trottersm 50+PayPal
Philip BlythNorth Dorset Tri Clubm 40+PayPal
Eduard VugmeisterUnaffiliated - Bournemouthm 40+PayPal
Josie ArmstrongLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Tony WeaverLytchett Manor Stridersm 50+PayPal
Joanne KainGillingham Trottersf 40+Postal
Annette MoggPoole Runnersf 60+PayPal
Trish HennersLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
Ross PettittUnaffiliated - Weymouthm seniorPayPal
Clare DawesLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Scott MordewLytchett Manor Stridersm 40+PayPal
Emma LivermorePoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
Benjamin SloyanUnaffiliated - Poolem seniorPayPal
Alex PalmerUnaffiliated - Salisburyf 50+PayPal
Megan HoworthUnaffiliated - Blandford Forumf seniorPayPal
Gary TaylorLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal
Nina SmithGillingham Trottersf seniorPayPal
Simon TriscottUnaffiliated - Kidlingtonm seniorPayPal
Edward CrawleyLytchett Manor Stridersm seniorPayPal
Liz GoldsackPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
Trevor FinnisLytchett Manor Stridersm 50+PayPal
Mark CleaverEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Kristina VarleyLittledown Harriersf seniorPayPal
Paul DerrienUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Mike HilborneWimborne ACm 50+PayPal
Kirsty EvansEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
James DaviesLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
John HubbardWestbourne RCm 50+PayPal
Lizzie MasonUnaffiliated - Weymouthf seniorPayPal
Barry TellingLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
Victoria SayersDorchester RIOTf 40+PayPal
Izabela ShylockPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
Andrew PalmerUnaffiliated - Salisburym 50+PayPal
Tracey ColquhounPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
Jane BurnsNew Forest Runnersf 40+PayPal
Joanna MorrisseySPFITf 40+PayPal
Richard BrawnBournemouth ACm seniorPayPal
Rich NelsonBournemouth ACm 40+PayPal
David WilsonLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal
Martin PearceUnaffiliated - Broughtonm 50+PayPal
Harriet MountjoyUnaffiliated - Weymouthf 40+PayPal
Jenny TripneyEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
Matt RobertsUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
Emily WayUnaffiliated - Weymouthf seniorPayPal
Heather HancockUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
Kevin AnsellEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
Elliot SloyanUnaffiliated - Poolem seniorPayPal
Christopher BillinghurstLittledown Harriersm 40+PayPal
Kelly WilliamsWimborne ACf 40+PayPal
Sally MillerDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
Simon HillUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Barry HardsSalisbury ACm 60+PayPal
Ella-May HardsSalisbury ACf seniorPayPal
Mary CorriganLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
Sue ThompsonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
Joanne BrookesDorchester RIOTf 40+PayPal
Gerald CarterDorchester RIOTm seniorPayPal
Nick AndersonUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
Matt HaleUnaffiliated - Weymouthm seniorPayPal
Nicholas TriscottUnaffiliated - Plymouthm 40+PayPal
Steve GoodmanLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
Sarah ClarkLytchett Manor Stridersf seniorPayPal
Kirsty WestonLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Christopher WoodWimborne ACm seniorPayPal
Ruth ReadmanDorset Doddlersf seniorPayPal
Phil HordleNew York Flyersm 50+PayPal
Donna PearceLytchett Manor Stridersf 40+PayPal
Lorna HainesPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
Peter OrchardUnaffiliated - Lyme Regism 50+PayPal
Tara McLinticPurbeck Runnersf 40+PayPal
Stephen BridgerPurbeck Runnersm 50+PayPal
Mark EverettLittledown Harriersm seniorPayPal
David ParkerLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal
Richard SmithLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal

Race numbers are collected on the day of the event from Race HQ, and will not be posted out in advance.
If your name is not shown here and you believe it should be, then please contact the webteam with your details.