Egdon Heath Harriers

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Race Entry - Puddletown Plod Road Race
10:00 10-Jun-2018

Runners entered so far: 120

Bib NoNameClubCategory 
1Matthew AmesEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
2Kelly AmosPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
3Steve AmosPoole Runnersm seniorPayPal
4Mark AndrewsEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
5Carol BakerHamworthy Harriersf 60+PayPal
6Andrew BallardUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
7Paula BarkerPoole Runnersf 50+PayPal
8Jo BarrettEgdon Heath Harriersf 40+PayPal
9Julian BarterUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
10Aaron BeatonWestbourne RCm seniorPayPal (def from 2017)
11Greg BemmentLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
12Mark BennettEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
13Philip BlythNorth Dorset Tri Clubm 40+PayPal
14Helene BondCrediton Running Networkf 50+PayPal
15Ines BraunDorset Doddlersf 50+Postal
16Jason BraybrookeUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
17Mark BrickUnaffiliated - Southamptonm 50+PayPal
18Wendy BrittonDorchester RIOTf seniorPostal
19Joanne BrookesDorchester RIOTf 40+PayPal
20Lesley BrownCity of Salisbury ARCf 50+PayPal
21Helen BullEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
22Jane BurnsLittledown Harriersf 40+PayPal
23Laura BurtonUnaffiliated - Verwoodf seniorPayPal
24Dougie ButlerUnaffiliated - Milbourne St Andrewm seniorPostal
25Bruce CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
26Stella CampbellEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
27Delia CarrDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
28Mel CarrollPoole Runnersf 50+PayPal
29Chloe Carter-MilesEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
31Spencer ClarkUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 60+Postal
32Graeme CollardUnaffiliated - Brightonm seniorPayPal
33Laura CornwellPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
34Richard CottleUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
35Karen CroadEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
36Francesca CuffRoyal Manor of Portland ACf seniorPayPal
37Paul CurrahPoole Runnersm seniorPayPal
38Malcolm CurtisDorchester RIOTm 50+PayPal
39Andy DavidsonDorchester RIOTm 50+PayPal (def from 2017)
40Thomas DavisonPSSAm 60+Postal
41Maria Di NiroUnaffiliated - Bournemouthf 40+PayPal
42Alison DonnisonBustinskin Triathlon Clubf 50+PayPal (def from 2017)
43Alexandra DoorEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
44Brian FieldsEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
45Paul FleetwoodUnaffiliated - Puddletownm 40+PayPal
46Jonathan FormonLonely Goat RCm 40+Postal
47Robert FramptonPoole Runnersm 50+PayPal
48Khalil GhabaeePoole Runnersm 50+PayPal
49Michael GravelleUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
50Jeff GreyEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+Postal
51Darren GrummittEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
52Phil HaddrellWeymouth St Pauls Harriersm 40+PayPal
53Chris HallEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
54Gillian HalliwellYorkshire Wolds Runnersf 60+PayPal
55Brian HamptonUnaffiliated - Bournemouthm 40+PayPal
56Jason HancockPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
57Shayne HassallRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 50+PayPal
58Elizabeth HeadUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
59Olivia HetreedEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
60Charlotte HillEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
61Ade HollowayLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal
62Victor HutchinsHercules Wimbledon ACm 60+PayPal
63Joe IrwinEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
64Jacqui IvesRun Happy Dorsetf 40+PayPal
65Sharon IvesPurbeck Runnersf 50+PayPal
66Frances JohnsonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
67Laura JonesEgdon Heath Harriersf seniorPayPal
68Lindsey JonesUnaffiliated - Bournemouthf 50+PayPal
69Rachel JonesDorchester RIOTf seniorPayPal
70Steve JonesUnaffiliated - Bournemouthm 40+PayPal
71Heather KhoshnevisLittledown Harriersf 50+PayPal
72Faye LawPoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
73David LongdonEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
74Sarah LongdonEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
75Catherine Macer-WrightUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
76Artur MajewskiPoole Runnersm seniorPayPal
77Lesley MoorePoole ACf 40+On-the-day
78Caroline MorganEgdon Heath Harriersf 50+PayPal
79Robbie MorganEgdon Heath Harriersm 50+PayPal
80Ben MurrayUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
81Deborah MurrayUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
82Hamish MurrayPurbeck Runnersm 60+PayPal
83Paul MurrayUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
84Michael NewtonUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
85Steven NobleEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
86Susan O'FlanaganWeymouth St Pauls Harriersf 50+PayPal
87James OfferPoole ACm 40+PayPal (def from 2017)
88Julie OrtonRoyal Manor of Portland ACf 40+PayPal
89Simon PatelEgdon Heath Harriersm 40+PayPal
90Christopher PriorEgdon Heath Harriersm seniorPayPal
91Tristan ProctorUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm seniorPayPal
92Nigel RedmanPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
93Tom RigbyRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
94Robert ScottUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 40+PayPal
95Neil SextonPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
96Sarah SwiftPoole Runnersf 40+PayPal
97Emma ShorePoole Runnersf seniorPayPal
98Rebecca SilvesterUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf seniorPayPal
99Reuben SkinnerPoole ACm 40+PayPal
100Michael SmithWeymouth St Pauls Harriersm 50+PayPal
101Stuart SmithLittledown Harriersm 50+PayPal
102Colin SomersPoole Runnersm 40+PayPal
103Linda StillCrewkerne RCf 40+PayPal
104Roger StillCrewkerne RCm 40+PayPal
105Steve StoneDorchester RIOTm 40+PayPal
106Chris StratfordPoole Runnersm seniorPayPal
107Andrew StrattonEgdon Heath Harriersm 60+Postal
109Simon TandyRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 50+PayPal
110Simon Nicholas TattersallUnaffiliated - Dorchesterm 50+PayPal
111Mike TerryLittledown Harriersm 60+PayPal
112Jacky TheedomCrediton Running Networkf 60+PayPal
113Andrew ThomasUnaffiliated - Puddletownm 50+PayPal
114Iain TrickettDorset Doddlersm seniorPayPal
115Neal Unitt-JonesUnaffiliated - Blandford Forumm 50+PayPal
116Julia WattUnaffiliated - Dorchesterf 40+PayPal
117Jane WhitcombeUnaffiliated - Torquayf 40+PayPal
118Stephen WilesRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
119Anna WilliamsDorset Doddlersf seniorPayPal
120Thomas WilliamsUnaffiliated - Londonm 50+PayPal
121Steven WoodwardRoyal Manor of Portland ACm seniorPayPal
122Dale WoolleyRoyal Manor of Portland ACm 40+PayPal

Race numbers are collected on the day of the event from Race HQ, and will not be posted out in advance.
If your name is not shown here and you believe it should be, then please contact the webteam with your details.